F O X 🔥 . . Client selfie @jordanne_evie . . LVL LASHES + MICROBLADING ✨

These are first pass healed hairstroke brows. You really cannot tell they've been tattooed from a distance. "I'm so in love with them they've changed my face, and life!" These are the types of images you want to be checking out when selecting a SPMUA. After all this is what you're left with for 1-3 years. Peep those gorgeous lifted lashes too. 😚🖤 #hairstrokebrows #spmu

This Bondi Beauty got a Brow lift with her Feather touch tattooing. I love how they just open up the eyes and restore some youth.

When you say a product is "Kiss proof", then it SHOULD be one too. My favourite lip liner when I want it to stay all day all night long. ----------- Visste du att @fargcollection produkterna finns nu hos Tahmina's Beauty Lounge? Nu kan du testa dessa produkter och hitta din favorit. Kom in så hjälper jag dig med att hitta din nya favorit foundation eller kanske en ny kiss proof läppenna inför sommarens bad och semester. Välkommen!

When tint is life 🙌🏻

Brow appreciation post! Still blown away every morning that they are still there! I feel more confident and like my face is more balanced. I know it seems vain but when you have had an insecurity for so long and endured years of self conciousness you can't help but feel like a weight has been lifted when that insecurity is no longer there! Thank you @deluxebrows_newzealand @browsbyanneke for giving me the brows I've always wanted! And also for helping me with skin advice you are seriously an angel x #eyebrowappreciation #deluxebrows #browsonfleek #happy #love #confident #brows #combinationbrows

Natural yet defined ✅ I'm so happy that I could finally do her touch up 😊 Her skin is very sensitive. After the first session, her brows took longer to heal than usual so she waited patiently until her skin was fully healed and ready to do the second session. Everybody's skin heals differently. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you and your skin is healthy on your appointment day. Please reschedule IF you have skin problems. Thank you so much again for trusting the procedure and me 😃❤ For more info please read · June appointments still available! Email or DM me! 📲7787073533 📧 [email protected]