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[BIG INFO] Based on a representative from Samsung, You will be able to buy the Galaxy Skin from the shop using real money. That's why it was named a starter pack. But note 9 and s4 tab will get for free. For exclusive info and first hand news, Follow @fortniteleaks

Cash & Guns is a bluffing party game where players take on the roles of gangsters trying to split up loot after a big score. The game is played over multiple rounds where players bluff loading their foam gun with either an empty “Click! Click!” card or a bullet “Bang!” card. After all players simultaneously point their foam gun at another player, everyone has to decide to either stay in the round or risk getting shot. Anyone who’s left standing gets to divvy up the loot. Best loot at the end of 8 rounds wins! ••• Josh’s Thoughts: In general, bluffing is something I enjoy in board games, but for whatever reason, the excitement factor doesn’t really come out in Cash & Guns. I’m not entirely sure what it is. I don’t know if there just aren’t enough Bang! cards per player or if the game just goes a bit too long or if the basic set collection form of scoring is a just too dull, but the game never really has the pizazz I expect from a good party game. ••• Danielle’s Thoughts: I really wanted to like Cash ‘n Guns – who wouldn’t want to spend 30 minutes in a foam gun stand-off with their friends? But underneath the fun design and components, there’s just not much of a game. I might like it better if the loot at the end of the round was divvyed up the way it’s done in Dragon’s Gold – it could add a layer of complexity to a pretty but pretty bland game. It was always an easy one to get people to play, but the bigger challenge was to get them to like it. ••• VERDICTS (Always at the Table=👍🏻👍🏻, Join the Table=👍🏻, Watch the Table=👍🏻👎🏻, Leave the Table=👎🏻, Flip the Table=👎🏻👎🏻) ••• Josh’s Verdict: LEAVE THE TABLE ••• Danielle’s Verdict: LEAVE THE TABLE

Always coming in clutch some how 😬 . . Clutching it up thinking I was gonna die. . . Check this gameplay out.🎮👀 . Go watch me clutch this win full video is on my YouTube channel! .🎮👀 . Just hit some of the craziest shots here’s some highlights.🎮👀 . Check my new video out on YouTube ! .🎮👀 . YouTube wicked Astro .🎮👀 #fortnite #fortnitepc #fortniteps4 #fortnitefun #fortnitegame #fortnitememes #fortnitedance #fortnitedance #fortnitevbucks #fortnitememe #fortnitecommunity #youtubecommunity #youtube #youtubenews #youtubers #youtuber #gaming #gamingstudio #gamingcommunity #gamingnews #gamingnetworks

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Guess who screwed up the last hint for the mystery Pokemon? This Pokemon master did! The Pokemon I was talking about DOES come from 3 different regions but it doesn't DEFEAT enemies when it cries, it DEAFENS them. I was so tired last night that I overlooked that crucial part. I apologize for any confusion. Now here is a new hint since nobody guessed it last night. This Pokemon is a psychic type ;^; Artist | usagisansan via Tumblr Follow @pink_xi_gaming to find more of me and my posts! ↓ >Awesome Accounts< ⭐❇⭐❇⭐❇ @dazzlinggleams @shiny_joyy @_mimi.kyu_ @sudowo0do @char.trio @airslayer525 @pinkxi_writes ❇⭐❇⭐❇⭐ ↓ #whoops #ifuckedup