هههه لبنات ديرو السبور ديرو فورما زوينة

“Un uomo sulla luna non sarà mai interessante quanto una donna sotto il sole.”

"One of the most amazing things in the world is finding someone who sees who you really are and won't let you be anything less." 💝

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It’s nice to look back at how far you come from starting at the very bottom drawing so much stuff and sharing it with your favorite YouTubers like this one I did in 2016 for Drumdums, awesome guy! With a unique perspective on his videos, whether it’s horror, movies that are out today, retro reviews and music. Subscribe to his channel if your on YouTube! And follow him here on Instagram @drumdums can’t wait to do some more art work for this guy! So keep an eye out 👁 #drumdums #shoutouts #youtube #artwork #emiliogasca