This is obviously not my photo. But this image has followed me around for about 2 years now. A woman, curls loose and flowing, in complete alignment. Her energies flowing just as freely from root to crown. A woman I aspire to be 🙏🏻 Today was #selfcaresunday I tend to forget to slow down, to breathe, to just BE. I ate good food, read an entire book recommended by multiple friends, and then took time re-evaluate my chakra alignment. I have been on this path for 2 years and have been working my way through each chakra. Healing them, unblocking them, aligning them. I’ve made it all the way up through and to my heart chakra 💚 or so I thought. Today during all of my introspections I’ve realized that I this approach, this thought that I could somehow “heal and move on” from each blockage was entirely misguided. The mere thought that I am in control of any of this was misguided. The process of healing and alignment is a continual process. It is not something we can simply come up with a formula for or step by step guide to. It is something that is constant and ongoing, often revisited through our reoccurring growth as an individual spirit. The woman in this graphic knows that. And now the woman typing knows that too ✨ . . . . #theuniversehasyourback #soultribe #soulrebel #spiritualgrowth #spirituality #spiritjunkie #chakrahealing #chakrabalancing #maycausemiracles #balance #lightworker #workyourlight #healtheworldhealyourself #growgrowgrowth #thisis30 #startnow #manifestyourlife #manifestnow #missadventurechronicles #thefutureisnow #crystalhealing #newage #positivevibesonly #witchyvibes #witchywoman

Alice and I became fast friends when we moved to Atown. She’s 89 and fabulous! She invited me to her church which became “Sunday’s with Alice.” Today she gave me my first bible! I am one of those who perceives (in a very deep way) and was given a lot of prophecy during my 20s through my dreams. All I’m sayin is this book says everything I was shown and MUCH more. #seeingisbelieving #listentothemusic #heartsongs #holybible #prophetic #scripture #spirituality

It may seem that controlling and changing—maybe a better word would be managing—your emotional responses toward something or someone would be very difficult. In reality, all it takes is some insight into yourself and how you act and react in certain situations to get you started. ~ D. L. Kline - Change a Letter Change Your Life http://www.davenjasper.com/ #life #spirit #afterlife #death #loveandlight #spiritual #psychic #goodvibes #guides #guidance #universe #awakening #innerpeace #inspiration #knowledge #spirituality

Happy Sunday 🌟

30 miles in 3 days - I mean, wow! I am feeling incredibly blessed to have a family who’s not only adventurous enough, but healthy enough to survive and thrive backpacking in the elements for days at a time. The fact that we got all 9 of us to hit the trails is something I’m genuinely amazed by! My legs are pretttty sore but my heart is full with an even deeper love and appreciation for each one of these people. I decided to turn my phone off from Wednesday until today & it was the break that I NEEDED. That time of disconnection allowed me space to reconnect with nature, realizations, myself, and my family. So many insights flooded in as we trekked throughout the forests, pushed through to summit mountains, and rested amongst the rivers. It’s been a much needed perspective shift after spending so much time in the city. Nature is an amazing facilitator for reflection. I internally walked through many of my shadows, finding fruitfulness in darkness and challenge. I found so much comfort and rejuvenation in the present moment. I feel connected to the light in my life and the light in this world. I feel inspired and creative. I am continuously healing. I feel so close and appreciative of my family and where I come from. This experience was moving for me in soooo many ways. Overall, I’m just feeling so, so blessed by this opportunity to be a living, breathing human being.. so blessed to be who I am, so blessed by both the trials and all of the things to celebrate in this life. Each one of these individuals have shaped me in so many ways. I’m so grateful to have a family who shows up throughout all stages and seasons of life, who walks alongside me unconditionally, who teaches me so much about love. I’m learning so much from doing life with these incredible human beings. Oh, how I treasure these special days of being all together & living this life to the fullest. These past few days are moments I’ll treasure for a lifetime. Thanks be to the Spirit in which binds us all.

“I know I can never be alone. Wherever I go, people understand me. They understand my soul. This continues to give me hope. When I read about clashes around the world – political clashes, economic classes, cultural clashes – I am reminded that it is within our power to build a bridge to be crossed even if my neighbor doesn’t understand my religion or understand my politics he can understand my story. If he can Understand my story, then he’s never too far from me. It is always within my power to build a bridge.” . . I am so humbled by everyone that showed up yesterday. You guys made it so special! Building bridges by telling stories! Last night was magical!! . #intuitiveliving #lightworker #spiritual #builtwithlove #spirituality #miamimedium

Wishing you all a blessed night ! Thank you all for following us we truly are grateful and appreciate your support 💕✨ #grateful #happiness #love #friends #healthyliving #spirituality #meditation #life